Canal 3 Gas Turbine Project Placed In Commercial Service

June – 2019 – The Canal 3 gas turbine project was placed in Commercial Service this month, June, 2019.  The Canal 3 gas turbine project was undertaken to provide 333 megawatts (“MW”) of fast start generating capacity to ISO New England (“ISO-NE”), the regional grid operator. In June 2018, Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners (“Stonepeak”) acquired the project from an affiliate of NRG Energy Inc. The project was under development for several years, cleared ISO-NE’s Forward Capacity Auction #10 in February 2016, began full construction in early 2018, and was placed into commercial service with ISO-NE in June 2019. Ironclad performed construction management for the Canal 3 project and the project came in on budget and on schedule.  Some of the highlights from this project include:


  • The ability to reach full output within 10 minutes of start-up
  • Best-in-class environmental controls
  • Dual fuel flexibility
  • Near-zero liquid discharge design to reduce water demand
  • Expands generation capacity and flexibility at the Canal site by 333 MW
  • GE’s new flagship gas turbine the 7HA.02
  • Canal site is now one of the largest power plants in New England at 1,446MW