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1200 Ridgeway Avenue Suite 2121
Rochester, NY 14615

P : (585) 327-2050


Ironclad Energy manages the utility infrastructure in Eastman Business Park (“EBP”), a 1,300 acre state of the art industrial park in Rochester and Greece, New York, and provides 14 critical utility services to all the companies located in EBP. The park’s reliable utility services and low costs are a core part of RED-ROCHESTER’s strategy and we are actively engaged in growing EBP. As the park’s utility volume grows, customers save more money based upon a profit sharing rate structure.

Less than 30 days after purchasing the energy assets within EBP in late 2016, we broke ground on a new $75M natural gas powerhouse and plan to retire the old coal powerhouse in early 2018. The short answer is this project dramatically improves air emissions while lowering customer costs thereby making EBP even more attractive to new industrial tenants that are looking to expand their operations. A snapshot of our operations in Rochester, NY are:

  • 120 MW behind-the-meter tri-generation w/ grid interconnect and a 12.5 KV underground electrical cable network
  • 1,600 KPPH of steam produced at 1,400 psi with site-wide distribution at 260, 140/70 & 10 PSIG and site-wide condensate return system
  • 90 miles of largely above-ground distribution pipelines
  • 50,000 TONS of chilled water capacity including 800 tons of 9-degree F brine capacity.
  • 40,000 SCFM of compressed air
  • 2,300 SCFM of nitrogen generation
  • 36 Million Gallons a Day average hydraulic capacity (54 MGD max) with water intake from Lake Ontario (5 miles to the north) coupled with an underground sewage piping system and in house sewer treatment plant designed for industrial effluent
  • 3,000 GPM of demineralized water capacity
  • 400 GPM – ultra high purity water
  • 400 GPM of reverse osmosis water capacity
  • 3.5 & 12.5 Million Gallon reservoirs, distribution and pumping of industrial, process and fire water.