Who We Are

Who We Are

Ironclad Energy and its people have extensive experience in owning and operating energy generation facilities serving industrial and commercial customers as well as providing and purchasing grid power. Our people, systems and facilities supply power, steam, hot or chilled water, compressed air, nitrogen, waste water treatment or any combination of these services. We are on a mission to acquire power and cogeneration facilities or district energy systems and then improve the operations technically, commercially, operationally, and/or financially by applying our unique experience and innovative expertise quickly and efficiently. We will also provide all the capital to expand and upgrade major utility systems post acquisition including major fuel switching projects. Our goal is to save our customers money on utility costs, reduce O&M costs and improve operating efficiencies while providing customers highly reliable utility services.

Ironclad Energy is privately owned company funded by Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, who manages over $6bn in investments.

What We Do

Our goal is to acquire a facility and find ways to make them better…fast.

How do we improve a facility or system?

We use technically proven solutions in traditional and creative ways to maximize efficiency
  • When we say “efficiency,” we mean not only technical, but operating and financial efficiency as well
  • We look to acquire and utilize existing assets / infrastructure then strategically look for upgrade expansion capital projects that will lower customer cost and / or meet environmental targets
Align customer commercial structures
  • Alignment of business and operating interests is critically important for any long-term relationship – we focus considerable attention here to get it right
  • Long term energy agreements provides energy stability and when interests are properly aligned make for strong partnerships so customers can successfully focus on their business needs and deploy their capital on the most value creating opportunities
Utilize people who know the assets and bring in world class technical talent to enhance their knowledge
  • We provide techno-economic & strategic analysis of energy systems to find optimal technical and capital configurations – then execute, execute, execute
  • We provide all capital for projects in a simple and low risk capital structure

Our Process

We are looking to identify opportunities where we can acquire existing facilities that may be non-core to their owner and then work to find ways to improve those facilities.  Examples of ways improvements can be made by altering operations, investing capital into new equipment, converting from one fuel to another, changing or better aligning a commercial structure or simplifying capital structure.  We are creative, collaborative, transparent problem solvers and are seeking value adding solutions for our customers.


Safety is a critical part of Ironclad’s operating philosophy. Ironclad ensures safety processes are adhered to everyday not only in operations but in construction as well.